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Tables & Chairs

  • Tables

    All our tables have a plywood top with walnut stain and aluminum edge. They are all portable folding tables for easier storage.

    We also carry rectangular plastic top folding tables, the available sizes are noted by an asterix (*).


    Formats Seat
    Beer Tub - 100 gallons4′ x 24″ (Plastic Only) 4
        * 4′ x 30″ 4
        * 6′ x 30″ 6
           8′ x 30″ 8


    Formats  Seat
           30″ 4
           48″ 6
           60″ 8
           72″ 10
           84″ 12


    Beer Tub - 100 gallonsWhite Plastic Patio 40″
    Beer Tub - 100 gallons1/2 Moon
    Beer Tub - 100 gallons36″ x 36″ Square
    Beer Tub - 100 gallons60″ x 60″ Square
    Cruiser table, cocktail table, table a cocktail     Cocktail (cruisers) 30″ x 42″ high
    Beer Tub - 100 gallons5′ x 30″ Serpentine


    Beer Tub - 100 gallons6′ x 18″ x 42″
    Beer Tub - 100 gallons6′ x 18″
    Beer Tub - 100 gallons8′ x 18″
  • Chairs

    All you want is for the music to start so you can show off your moves on the dance floor? Sitting on one of our chairs could make the wait less painfull….


    Plastic and aluminium tube frame    Dimensions: 45(W)*40(D)*80(H)

    Black Folding Chair - Chaise pliante noir simple event chair chaise simple pour événement conference chair, chaise de conférence      Black
    Brown Folding Chair - Chaise pliante brune      Brown *
          Burgundy / Grey /Red


    chaise bistro chair white blanche       White Bistro
    Stacking, Black Chair with armrests, Chaise noir avec accoudoire, emplilable, Office chair, chaise de bureau       Black with Armrests


           Black Ballroom Chair
    White Resin Folding Chair with Cushion- Chaise pliante de résine blanche avec cousin chaise de mariage wedding chair outside chair wedding mariage exterieur       White Resin with Cushion
           Gold, Silver or Mahogany Chavari
    Bar Stool, tabouret a dossier, tabouret noir, Black stool, back rest stool bar       Black bar Stool with Back Rest
    Beer Tub - 100 gallonsBooster Seat
    Beer Tub - 100 gallonsBaby High Chair
    Black Ballroom Chair chaise ballroom noir      Black or White Cushion
    Beer Tub - 100 gallonsPhantom (clear)


    Beer Tub - 100 gallons White with White Bow
    Beer Tub - 100 gallonsWhite or Black Satin Pouch
    Beer Tub - 100 gallonsWhite, Black or Ivory for Bistro Chair
    Beer Tub - 100 gallonsBlack or White Spandex Chair Cover with Colored Band
    Beer Tub - 100 gallonsToxedo White or Ivory for Ballroom Chair
    Beer Tub - 100 gallonsScuba Black
    Beer Tub - 100 gallonsBow Chair Ribbon
    Beer Tub - 100 gallonsOrganza Band
    Beer Tub - 100 gallonsSpandex Band

* Item not included in the price list, please phone in for more information.